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Sweet Cup

Here at Cupcake By Bossie LLC, We are excited to present “The Sweet Cup” menstrual cup. This BPA free, cruelty-free cup will comfort during your monthly release. High quality that we assure you will trust. The Sweet Cup includes1 per pack, 4 different colors, two sizes and pink satin bag. Large or Small.

Cupcake By Bossie ‘s “Sweet Cup” menstrual cup is made of high-Class medical Silicon, which does not contain irritation and absorption. This product does not contain dioxins and allergic substances. There is no scent and wet situation while using this product and daily activities are not restricted during its valid 15 years.

S- suitable for women 25 years and younger or haven’t birthed.
L- suitable for women 25 years and over and who have birthed.

User’s Guide
Cupcake By Bossie’s menstrual Sweet Cup effectively collects blood, making it 100% securely sealed inside, eliminating the bacteria that occurs in the air. It helps Eliminate any possible order, itchy skin, or allergy, and hence preventing any possible occur acne of medical conditions that might require gynecology. Overall it gives you a SWEET experience to the MIND, BODY, SOUL and CUPCAKE.

Before using your cup
1. Wash your hands
2. Wash your menstrual cup with warm water.
3. Read and follow the insertion/ removal instructions.

Sterilization: At each menstrual period. Please boil your cup in bubbling-boiling water for 3-5 minutes before the first use, and repeat the same after the last use. You can also use a sterilizer, if available.

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